KnectXpense Mobile App

Tired of spending hours filling out expense reports? Tired of dealing with piles of receipts? KnectXpense simplifies expense tracking, and makes business easier for you.

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The KnectXpense app is designed to be a quick, easy way to collect expense, fuel card, and mileage data at the point it occurs. The app was built with the end user in mind. We know that for users to ‘buy in’, they need to see the benefit of what they are doing. The KnectXpense app is designed to be very simple and quick for the end user.

Expense entry of:

  • Date
  • Vendor
  • Category
  • Payment Method
  • Project
  • Amount
  • Description
  • Up to five images of receipts

Mileage entry of:

Date, origin, destination, project, beginning and ending odometer, mileage and purpose.

Fuel purchase entry of:

Date, vendor, project, odometer, amount, description, and up to five images of receipts.

KnectXpense Administrative Website

The administrative web site serves two main purposes. The first purpose is to setup/administrate the system and app, and the second purpose is to do customized searching and reporting.


Once your company is created in the web backend, and we have added a user as the company administrator, that user can then administrate the system for your company. The programs allow for maintaining general company information, reporting options for the automated and custom reports, project lists, payment methods, expense categories, company users, and expense accounts. This is all done in an easy-to-use web interface

Custom expense searching

In addition to administrating the system, the web backend is useful for doing customized searches. The results of these searches can then be printed in PDF format, or each transaction can be viewed to see all the information entered into the app, including the receipt photos and GPS coordinates (on a Google Map).

Automated Reports

Another benefit of the KnectXpense system is automated expense/fuel/mileage reports.  Using the web backend described above, you can configure the report options for these automated reports.  You can setup the frequency of the reports, the accounting periods, a grace period, the colors, and much more.

As an example, if your company wants to do weekly expense reports on a Monday-Sunday week, that could be configure in the web backend.  Maybe you want to give your users a 12 hour grace period to get their expenses entered.  In this case, Monday at noon, reports would be automatically generated for the prior week Monday-Sunday.

These automated reports are created in a PDF format and emailed to the user(s) on the account (this is a configurable option).  In addition the reports are emailed to the company administrator(s).

The reports have a summary cover sheet followed by all that apply of the following:  reimbursable expenses, non-reimbursable expenses, fuel card, and mileage.

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